Kalliopis silhouette


Kalliopi Kousouri is an architect and a paper-cutter who lives and works in London.

The paper-cuts she makes are telling stories: both real and imaginary, as she believes every story is beautiful and worth telling. The beauty of the technique is that starting from a plain sheet of paper and making precise cuts into it, small pieces start falling off, and the silhouette story slowly begins to take form. The more precise each cut, the more intricacy and detail is created. The permanence of cutting and taking something away requires a high level of concentration and patience, as it cannot be erased or undone. Transforming something as uncomplicated as a plain sheet of paper into something precious is exciting to witness.

Contact and Commissions

If you would like to get in contact to discuss ideas, the making of a paper-story either your own or for a loved one, or simply to say hello, please send your message to kalliopi@paper-stories.com. For news on the design process and the making of the paper-cuts please follow the online diary at http://paperstoriesk.wordpress.com